Mr. YooWho is at home with audiences of all ages and cultures.

After well over 1000 shows in 50+ countries since 1981, Moshe’s Mr. YooWho continues to bring his amazing feats of warm-hearted absurdity to the delight of audiences young and old worldwide. While he has taken a sabbatical from touring his solo show, he continues to perform on varieté, circus and festival stages. In this new peri-pandemic era (2022),  Mr. YooWho has played in several constellation shows, clowning in the ‘Mongolian Contortion Circus’ at the Great Star Theater in San Francisco, and a week at the Moisture Festival in Seattle. “It felt great to be surfing the waves of laughter again!”  Moshe demurred, “I’m ready for more!”  Looking further to more Mr. YooWho action in the near future!

“a man who creates laughter using the finest sense of humor and who, like the great clowns of history, converts silliness into philosophy.”

El Mercantil Valenciano ~ SPAIN

“His Indian Name would be Dances With Penguins”

New York Times
“Unique…..many laughter.”

Ibaraki Shimbun, Japan
“Graceful…Soulful….the likeness of Woody Allen, combined with the movements of Charlie Chaplin.”

San Francisco Bay Guardian
“It’s Super…. Charlie Chaplin of a modern time…between slapstick and poetry, between humor and tenderness “C’est Super…. Charlie Chaplin d’un temps moderne….entre burlesque et poesie, entre humour et tendresse”

Le Courrier de l’Ouest
“Grandparents, adults and children all roared with laughter before applauding beyond measurement. All talent. ”

El País
“Humor converted into Poetry. Moshe Cohen works with an esthetic that lifts the spectator to laughter through lightness and subtleties.”

The Folha de Londrina
“Prestigious juggler of great effects mixed with an exhilarating comicity and exceptional expression…decidedly ludicrous”

Il Centro
“It was not a problem for a man who creates laughter using the finest sense of humor and who, like the great clowns of history, converts silliness into philosophy.”

El Mercantil Valenciano

Mr. YooWho’s Holiday fills the theater with heart-warming laughter, delightful moments of absurdity, feats of amazement, visual poetry and spontaneous audience interaction. A mix of old American Vaudeville and European Clown Theater with a Yiddish twist, tastes of Circus, Japanese Kyogen and Butoh dance sprinkled throughout. The narrative is quite familiar, a man and a suitcase meets an audience, yet Moshe Cohen’s 75 minute show is far beyond the ordinary. His Mr YooWho invites the audience into a world of giant sunflowers that offer confetti blessings and wind-up penguins that high dive into buckets of water. Exuberant poetry, without words no less. Perfect for small and big people of all cultures and languages.

Mister YooWho also performs shorter shows in festivals, circuses, varietés, private events and more informal settings. Over the past 40 years, he has injected humor, lightness and laughter into just about every performance situation imaginable. Please contact him for bookings.

A few of the places that Moshe has performed:

(since 1981)

Belgium Teatre Op De Markt, St Truiden Hasselt; Fete des Artistes, Chassepierre.
Brazil Anjos Do Picadeiro: Rio de Janeiro, Rio Preto, Sao Paolo (1998, 2000,2006, 2008); FILO 99, Int. Theatre Festival, Londrina; Teatro De Anonimo, Rio de Janeiro.
Burma/Myanmar Clowns Without Borders Tour 2009. 2010, 2012, 2013. Canada Festival d’Eté, Quebec City; Quebec City’s 400th Birthday Folk Festivals: Winnipeg, Toronto, Edmonton, Owen Sound; Children’s Festivals: Calgary, Vancouver, Winnipeg; Winnipeg Storytelling Festival; Montreal Jazz Festival; Festival du Voyageur, Winnipeg.
China 5 City tour in China. 2013 . Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzen, Guanzhou, Zhengzhou.
Colombia Teatro Jorge Isaacs, Cali Mimame, Medellin; Clown Encuentro, Bogota.
France Les Accroches Coeurs, Angers; Eclat d’Aurillac, Jeudis du Port, Brest, Chalons dans la Rue, Coup de Chauffe a Cognac, Furies Festival, Chalons, Festival de Ramonville, Vivacité, Sotteville-les-Rouen. England Stockton Riverside International Festival; Bradford Intl. Juggling Festival. Guatemala Teatro National, Guatemala City; Payasos Sin Fronteras Tour. Germany Saarbrucken SommerSzene; Essen Festival; Comedy Arts Festival; Moers, Varieté, Berlin; Theatre am Liebnitz Platz; Bremen, Charivari’ Winter Circus, Hamburg.

Haiti Clowns Without Borders Tour.
Israel Jerusalem Festival. Haiti Clowns Without Borders Tour.
Italy Festival de Torino; Festival de Teatro Comico de San Omero.
Japan Fuchu City Theatre, Tokyo; Setagaya Theatre Festival, Tokyo; Toyama Tulip Fair, Toyama.
Mexico Muestra de Arte Escenico Popular, Mexico City; Casa de la Cultura, San Cristobal; Festival de Teatro Alternativo, Mexico City; Payasos Sin Fronteras Tour, Chiapas.
The  Netherlands Limburg Straattheater Festival; Oerol Festival, Terschelling; Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Den Boss; Street on Stage, Amsterdam; De Klein Komedie, Amsterdam.
Poland Teatr Montownia, Warsa; Loch Camelot, Krakow. South Africa Little Theatres Tour, Cape town Townships; Capetown University Theatre.
Spain Encuentro de Malabarismo: Madrid, Granada, Mieres; Festival del Humor, San Sebastian; Fira de Tarrega (1984…2006); La Mercé, Barcelona; Olimpiada Cultural, 1996 Barcelona; Ple de Riure, El Manou; Festival de Teatre de Carrer, Villareal; Teatro Principal de Zamora.
USA A Traveling Jewish Theater, San Francisco; Busker’s Fare-World Trade Center, NYC; Marsh Theater, San Francisco, Berkeley (Cirque Do Somethin’); One Arm Red, Brooklyn, NY; Pittsburgh Children’s’ Festival; Sing Out For Seva, BCT, Berkeley, Ca; PIXAR, El Cerrito, Ca; US Festival, Los Angeles; Theater of Yugen, San Francisco; Intersection Theater, San Francisco.