Inviting Mindful Levity and Lightness into the Workplace

Clown Training

Lightfulness: The state of Being where one is fully present, awake and aware with a lighter sense of spirit and mind.

Moshe brings workshops and trainings into the workplace teaching participants to awaken and engage lightfulness.  These trainings, in a manner similar to mindfulness, invites participants to engage their intuitive/creative mind and give the thinking mind a break.

Depending on participants/organizations needs and wishes, the trainings  can focus on

-stress-management, wellness and resiliency (teachers, healthcare professionals and therapists)

-creativity, communication and collaboration (professional development for tech/corporate worlds)

Working with movement and non-verbal expression, participants open delight and laughter through mindful play and practices that develop skillful tools and empower well-being.

The training menu is sourced from a range of broad range of mindful movement practices, physical theater improvisations, theatrical clowning, butoh hokos and walking meditation.  Sometimes juggling is added to the mix.

Whether it’s a 50 minute Levity Pause, or a series of  longer Trainings, scroll down the page, or click here to see current offerings.

Some of the places Moshe has offered trainings:


A Recipe for Lightfulness Training

Choose some of these ingredients to create a training for your workplace

Mindful movement practices: chi gong, feldenkreis movement, tenshingoso

Practices inviting lightness and humor into non-verbal expression

Levity Awareness + Activation

Physical theater and comedy improvisations

External  & interactive mindfulness practices

Active listening skills

Collaborative communication skills

Public speaking and presentation skills

Stress release and resiliency practices

Mindfulness through walking meditation

Personal lightfulness practices and rituals

The Zen of Juggling

“Moshe is an excellent teacher, helping us find comfort in our own skins through embracing the moment.”


“I loved the definition of ‘levity’ as a lightness. Humor is always a possibility, but not an imperative. So freeing.”

Technical Writing Team, Dolby Labs

“Moshe, Thanks so much for the session! … did a great job, and folks were very pleased and gave great feedback …. a very fun and valuable experience.”

Sam S.  Google

“Thank you! We had a fabulous time. You were genuinely quoted by most of the team as the high point of the day”

Senior Director, Paypal

“Moshe was a fantastic teacher and guide. He taught many useful concepts like  inviting lightness that I intend to use in everyday life.”


“What sheer delight it was to study with you…inspiration tickling my daily experience this week…”


“To be here and now with the strength of the earth and the wings of a bird. Thanks”


Current Offerings

Moshe creates trainings according to an organization’s needs.

Here are some possibilities:

Levity Pause

Levity Pause

Give the thinking mind a break, embody mindful fun and funny.  Develop tools and practices to release tensions and invite levity into the everyday.

-Mind/body centering practices + mindful movement to shift into creative/intuitive mind.
-Activate non-verbal humorous expression using  techniques from physical theater, mime and clownzen.
-Lightful Walking meditation to conclude sessions.

“Thank you! We had a fabulous time. You were genuinely quoted by most of the team as the high point of the day”

Senior Director, Paypal

Lightfulness Pause

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” ~ Albert Einstein

Embody your lightness through mindful movement and walking meditation.

Release tension, Center into personal equilibrium, and Embody lightness. Channel your subtler sense of humor to open up a lighter place in body and mind. Enjoy, relax while strengthening neural pathways to lightness and levity.

“I loved the definition of ‘levity’ as a lightness. Humor is always a possibility, but not an imperative. So freeing.”

Technical Writing Team, Dolby Labs

Levity Pause

The Zen and Fun of Juggling


Learn and have fun with the practice of juggling 1,2,3 balls

-Give your thinking mind a break and place attention in throwing and catching multiple objects.
-Invite fun and play into the mindful pathway of juggling and create mini practices for daily life.
-Explore the practice of enjoying (and learning from) mistakes.
-Cultivate wisdom, let go of goals and open a pathway of curiosity, attention and fun.

As a team-building practice, we worked at PayPal with Moshe once a week for a year. He helped us learn to rely upon and trust one another through juggling, meditation, improvisation and in general all the techniques he collectively calls “Lightfulness Training”….Undertaking this training allowed me as the group manager to counteract the forces of formalism and strict reporting hierarchy to create a team of peers who each were equipped to take on any of the work of helping foster cultural change in a very old school company.

Danese Cooper,
former Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, PayPal.

The short story of Lightfulness

When Bernie Glassman, pioneering Zen master, came to study clown with Moshe back in 1998, he was looking for tools of tricksterdom, humor-full ways to deal with some of his disciples who took themselves too seriously. Bernie challenged Moshe to develop teachings that apply clown to everyday life. Instead of learning how to be a clown, the goal became to develop skillful tools: Expressing humor and lightness non-verbally, being in connection, Being aware and especially Listening. And to Enjoy the moment and share that enjoyment, both in subtlety and exuberance!

Lightfulness: Embodying lightness with mindfulness.

Both humor and lightfulness work wonders in terms of self-care. In connection with others, Lightfulness is often a more useful tool than humor. For humor to come alive, it requires an interaction. Lightness requires no interaction, it can simply be present. Neuroscience proves that lightness is a powerful tool influencing connections subconsciously.