Moshe plays a supporting role in Doris Dörrie’s Grüße Aus Fukushima (Fukushima Mon Amour) 2016. The film premiered at the Berlinale where it won several major prizes.The film enjoyed a general theatrical release across most of Europe, as well as a good number of other countries.

“Since the film is designed expressly as a two-hander, the other actors all occupy functional roles, with the exception of Clowns Without Borders USA founder Moshe Cohen, who exudes a patient, gently feel-good presence.” review of Dorris Dörrie’s new film:  Grüße Aus Fukushima

For her 2014 film Glück,  Moshe  collaborated with Doris behind the scenes, offering a 2-day creation workshop with the main actors and Doris exploring how to bring lightness into heavy places.