Ongoing (Online)     Levity Pause     Wednesdays at 11am PCT contact Moshe for invite


January 4-28:       Inner Clown   ClownSchoolInternational

8 x 105 minute sessions on Monday and Thursday evenings at 19:30 (Central European Time). 180 euros/215 US$

February:  Butoh Clown, ClownSchoolInternational.  (probable) Same Schedule as Inner Clown

February:  El Clown Interior (Spanish), Cali Clown.  Time and dates yet to be determined.  Link to follow

February 24-March 17  FULL Pandemic Relief (auf Deutsch) w/ Cornelius Von Collande, St Virgil .  4 Wednesdays (planned, register mid January)

March 17-April 21     The Levity of Pause w/  Anshi Zach Smith
Every Weds (x6) 5-6:30pm (PST) San Francisco Zen Center  more info/registration

March:  Clown Laboratorium, ClownSchoolInternational.  Same Schedule as Inner Clown

April 17-18:  Butoh-Clown Workshop, Remise , Potsdam (D). (tentative)

June 18-20:  St Virgil Lightfulness (planned in person workshop)