Clown Training

Workshops and Trainings for performers who clown, on stage and in street performance, and in health care settings. His teaching focuses on ‘the funny’, lightness, inner and outer connection, non-verbal expression, human authenticity, awareness, and listening. Since studying Butoh Dance with Hiroko Tamano and Kazuo Ohno, Moshe has pioneered the ButohClown training method.

“The work with Moshe is unique, he speaks from the heart and goes far beyond a few techniques, he goes towards the clown as a way of feeling the other, of taking him with you through a language full of humor, truth and poetry, with Moshe you learn”


“A journey to the inside. Listening, exploring, expression. The sacred mischief in the eyes as an entrance to the humor and lightfulness. The clown doesn´t need a red nose, he´s inside you!”


“Do you have fun? YES! Thank you very much for the wonderful workshop and the huge amount of exploring and remembering!”


“He is an excellent guide for navigating the inner world and discovering emotional and expressive possibilities from sincerity and joy.”


“Thank you for showing me the way to my inner clown. Thanks for you awareness.”


Workshop Offerings

For Current Offerings (please check calendar)

Inner Clown

Inner Clown

This workshop is for clowns who wish to explore their inner clown world. Using your personal sense of humor, your sense of fun and funny as a guide, define and map your clown world. Expand this universe through improvisation and ritual. It is an opportunity to define, deepen and expand your clowns’ non-verbal vocabulary-your emotional expression. Inviting humor and lightness into how the clown feels creates resonance and connection with the audience. Work with different levels of expression, from subtle elements of lightness to expansive exuberance.

Improve your clown’s awareness, authenticity, and your capacity to embody clown.

Based in Richard Pochinko’s (Canadian) clowning methods, the workshop pedagogy also integrates a large number of Asian principles and influences – Kyogen, Butoh, Taoist health exercises, Shintaido and Zen.

Requirements: A familiarity with your clown.

“He is an excellent guide for navigating the inner world and discovering emotional and expressive possibilities from sincerity and joy.”



Butoh Clown

Butohclown, a practice developed by Moshe, combines aspects of butoh dance with the theatricality and physicality of the clown. Integrating butoh’s ‘being part of the space’ and ‘being danced,’ participants are asked to slow their movement way down to create an in-depth internal connection and an external clarity. The workshop uses butohclown to explore and develop material , to decompose moments to discover the fundamental energies driving the clown and how to play (with) them.

“You create a wonderful space where I felt safe to try out, to play and where it was possible to take risks….. I really like the Butohclown-to slow down, to reduce creates an awareness for the small moments that are so full of secrets…”

“Butohclown is so good for the awareness of/for myself, and the others, and the world around you/me! Thank you very much, I’m so happy with this!”

Butoh Clown

Clown Laboratorium

Focusing on creation, this workshop is a guided laboratory where participants create, develop and expand short performance pieces. In the first part of the workshop, Moshe assigns simple turns to perform before inviting participants to work with their own creations. Moshe then guides their creations and helps direct their efforts.

‘ He allows us to generate a deep connection with our true essence to transform it into artistic material and flow in each creation.”



For Health Care Clown Groups

Moshe is often working with Health Care/Hospital Clown Groups offering 2-5 day trainings. He designs the workshops with the artistic director addressing the clowns’ collective needs and wishes often working with butoh clown and mindfulness to offer renewal, refreshment and expansion of clown world, play, collaboration, lightness, subtlety and resiliency.

Moshe has worked with CliniClowns (Vienna, Upper Austria, Munich, Hanover, Hamburg, Köln, Dortmund,) Röten Nasen International, Röten Nasen, Deutschland, HCIM2018, HaHaHa Akademie, Clown Visite…

“I found the exercises you shared really applicable to our work. We sometimes have an idea that we are ‘present’ but in reality just think that we are. I think any practice that aids us in getting into the right hand brain is vital and frankly delicious! So thanks again! ”


Suzie F. Artistic Director. Hearts&Minds

Butoh Clown

Some of the Places Moshe has taught:

Clown/Circus Schools:

TUT schule, Ateneu No Barris, Ravensburg Clown Sommerakademie, SF Clown Conservatory, Wise Fool NM, Clown Encuentro.

Spiritual/Zen Centers

Zen Center Los Angeles, San Francisco Zen Center, St Virgil, Omega Institute, Le Forum (Paris FR), Tassajara, Village Zendo, ZLMC, Buddhistisches Zentrum Hamburg, Sivananda Yoga Retreat Bahamas…

HealthCare Clown Groups:

CliniClowns Austria, Röten Nasen Deutschland, KlinikClowns München, ClownVisite EV, HaHaHa Akademie, Dream Doctors Conference, Emergency Smile, HCIM2018, KlinikClowns Nürnberg…


Carlton College, World Philanthropy Forum, Alte Poste Kulturforum, Warsaw Academy of Drama, Cal Institute for the Arts, Walschule Flensburg, Children’s Day School SF, Nell-Breuning-Haus…


Paypal, Dolby, Google Arts, Center for Council, Medecins du Monde, Procurador de los Derechos Humanos…

Moshe’s Teachers

40 years of performing

Clown : Richard Pochinko and Ctibor Turba

Movement Theater: Sigfrido Aguilar, Antwerpen Mime School, Daniel Stein Mime School

Physical Theater: Phillipe Gaulier, Monica Pagneux

Voice: Roy Hart Theater (Rossignol, Ahkmatova, Saul, Vincente)

Kyogen: Kaoru Matsumoto, Juro Zenchku

Butoh Dance: Kazuo Ohno, Hiroko Tamano, Yoshito Ohno

Zen: Roshi Bernie Glassman, Roshi WEndy Egyoku Nakao, Roshi Michel Engu Dobbs.


Upcoming training and workshops


Weekly Levity Pause

Weekly Levity Pause

Levity Pause for Pandemic Relief. An ongoing weekly training. An opportunity to release a bit of tension/stress and to give yourself an infusion of levity. All are welcome, no experience necessary, just a willingness to switch gears out of your rational mind and into your world of delight.
Open drop-in (register beforehand) every Tuesday at 10:30am (PacificCoast GMT-7) ~50 minutes. October 19th-December 14th, 2021
Click on the ‘read more’ link just below for registration link and more info!

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Butoh Clown. Nov-Dec.2021

Butoh Clown. Nov-Dec.2021

November 22-December 15, 2021. Monday & Wednesdays (classes twice a week). 10:30am-12:30pm Pacific Coast Time, 19:30-21:30 European time.
Butoh Clown. 4 weeks.
Maximum participants 12. Taught in English (possibility of German assist as needed)
Develop, Expand, Deepen your  clown world! Offered online numerous times last year with enthusiastic participation, this series is for performers who already have a sense of their clown, and wish to grow their mastery.

Using butoh clown techniques, this workshop looks to deepen your connection with both your clowning and your audience. From Butoh dance, we’ll use the principal of being part of the physical and ethereal space, slowing everything way down, to deepen your connection to inner impulses of funny, to develop your capacities to BE clown (as opposed to playing at clown,)  to break down and expand moments and actions, to work with the humor in changes of expression and the clown’s and the audience’s expectations.

Upon request and with agreement, possible limited language support for German….
click the ‘read more’ link below to register and for more details.

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Deep Winter Blues (in Deutsch) w/ Cornelius von Collande

Deep Winter Blues (in Deutsch) w/ Cornelius von Collande

jeden Mittwoch Abend online, 19:30-21:00, 19. Januar – 9. Februar 2022
 Nach dem Erfolg unseres Kurses vom vergangen Jahr ( “Pandemic Relief: Clown + Zen”) möchten wir das Format mit neuen Themen fortführen. Hier ist die Beschreibung dieses Workshops:

Die alte Zen-Literatur weist immer wieder darauf hin, dass der entscheidende Moment in der spirituellen Praxis derjenige ist, in dem Erwartung und Selbstbild mit der Realität konfrontiert werden. In diesem Moment haben Sie die Wahl, im Bekannten zu verharren oder etwas Frisches, Unerwartetes und Angemessenes zu tun. Die Frage ist, mit welcher Haltung Sie am ehesten das Unbekannte wählen und wagen?

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Heiliger Bimbam

Heiliger Bimbam

Postponed until April Alte Poste.Kulturforum. Neuss (D). Registrierung noch nicht auf ihrer Website
In allen Lebenslagen. Als der Zen-Meister Bernie Glassman 1998 als Pionier zu Moshe Cohen kam, um „Clown“ zu studieren, suchte er nach humorvoll-provokanten Möglichkeiten im Umgang mit denjenigen seiner Schüler*innen, die sich selbst zu ernst nahmen…..

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