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Truth be told, I had little idea I could be funny until I started street performing as a juggler in Europe in the summer of 1981. At the time, I had grown disenchanted with the ‘working world’ and was determined to discover an alternate pathway in life … Two years later, I quit my job at Merrill Lynch and drove to Montreal where I found the perfect spot to evolve my funny…


Upcoming training and workshops

Master Class. Clown X

Master Class. Clown X

April 8th, 2023   9:30am-noon
This class is part of the ClownX series organized by the Way of the Clown, a private facebook group. For more info and to register, please click through….

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Das Lächeln, das von innen kommt

Das Lächeln, das von innen kommt

Das Lächeln, das von innen kommt
Clown + Zen.  12-14 Mai, 2023
Buddhistisches Stadt-Zentrum Hamburg. unterrichtet mit Zen Meister Heinz-Jürgen Metzger

In diesem Workshop begegnen Heiterkeit und Leichtigkeit des Clowns der Stille und Konzentration der Meditation. In beiden Elementen des Workshops geht es darum, Fixierungen zu lösen, offener für sich und andere zu werden, die Wirklichkeit umfassender zu sehen und sie so lebendiger, mitfühlender und weiser zu gestalten. Klicken die ‘Read More’ für mehr Informationen

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A little show at the Albergue de Iztapalap

A little show at the Albergue de Iztapalap

This show occurs soon after the big 2017 Mexico City earthquake. Mexico City October 31st, 2017 Today’s show was in the Albergue de Iztapalap, on the outer skirts of Mexico City, an area right on...

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