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Latest Film

Take a look at Peter Cunningham’s film of Moshe’s new butohclown dance, set to Yogetsu Agasaka’s “Heart Sutra Live Looping Remix” (6’30”).  Originally created as a butoh dance, Moshe invited in the clown and premiered the dance this spring (2024) at the Moisture Festival in Seattle and the Montreal Clown Festival. 

My Story

Truth be told, I had little idea I could be funny until I started street performing as a juggler in Europe in the summer of 1981. At the time, I had grown disenchanted with the ‘working world’ and was determined to discover an alternate pathway in life … Two years later, I quit my job at Merrill Lynch and drove to Montreal where I found the perfect spot to evolve my funny…


Upcoming training and workshops

Camp Winnarainbow Adult Camp

Camp Winnarainbow Adult Camp

oshe will be teaching at Camp Winnarainbow and Mr. YooWho will be performing in one or several evening program.  Yes Yes Yes, you too can be swept up in a lot of fun on the beautiful land of Camp Winnarainbow in Northern California.  Truly a delight.  For more info on the camp, check out the link in the description when you click on ‘read more’.

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This workshop aims to illuminate your inner clown world and to taste butoh clown to connect to the deeper layers and energies that move your clown….in German/English. Click for more details and registration

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