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Truth be told, I had little idea I could be funny until I started street performing as a juggler in Europe in the summer of 1981. At the time, I had quickly grown disenchanted with the ‘working world’ and was determined to discover an alternate pathway in life. 2 years later (June,1983) I quit my job at Merrill Lynch, and drove to Montreal where I found…

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Weekly Levity Pause

Weekly Levity Pause

Levity Pause for Pandemic Relief. An ongoing weekly training. An opportunity to release a bit of tension/stress and to give yourself an infusion of levity. All are welcome, no experience necessary, just a willingness to switch gears out of your rational mind and into your world of delight.
Open drop-in (register beforehand) every Tuesday at 10:30am (PacificCoast GMT-7) ~50 minutes. October 19th-December 14th, 2021
Click on the ‘read more’ link just below for registration link and more info!

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Butoh Clown. Nov-Dec.2021

Butoh Clown. Nov-Dec.2021

November 22-December 15, 2021. Monday & Wednesdays (classes twice a week). 10:30am-12:30pm Pacific Coast Time, 19:30-21:30 European time.
Butoh Clown. 4 weeks.
Maximum participants 12. Taught in English (possibility of German assist as needed)
Develop, Expand, Deepen your  clown world! Offered online numerous times last year with enthusiastic participation, this series is for performers who already have a sense of their clown, and wish to grow their mastery.

Using butoh clown techniques, this workshop looks to deepen your connection with both your clowning and your audience. From Butoh dance, we’ll use the principal of being part of the physical and ethereal space, slowing everything way down, to deepen your connection to inner impulses of funny, to develop your capacities to BE clown (as opposed to playing at clown,)  to break down and expand moments and actions, to work with the humor in changes of expression and the clown’s and the audience’s expectations.

Upon request and with agreement, possible limited language support for German….
click the ‘read more’ link below to register and for more details.

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Deep Winter Blues (in Deutsch) w/ Cornelius von Collande

Deep Winter Blues (in Deutsch) w/ Cornelius von Collande

jeden Mittwoch Abend online, 19:30-21:00, 19. Januar – 9. Februar 2022
 Nach dem Erfolg unseres Kurses vom vergangen Jahr ( “Pandemic Relief: Clown + Zen”) möchten wir das Format mit neuen Themen fortführen. Hier ist die Beschreibung dieses Workshops:

Die alte Zen-Literatur weist immer wieder darauf hin, dass der entscheidende Moment in der spirituellen Praxis derjenige ist, in dem Erwartung und Selbstbild mit der Realität konfrontiert werden. In diesem Moment haben Sie die Wahl, im Bekannten zu verharren oder etwas Frisches, Unerwartetes und Angemessenes zu tun. Die Frage ist, mit welcher Haltung Sie am ehesten das Unbekannte wählen und wagen?

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A little show at the Albergue de Iztapalap

A little show at the Albergue de Iztapalap

This show occurs soon after the big 2017 Mexico City earthquake. Mexico City October 31st, 2017 Today’s show was in the Albergue de Iztapalap, on the outer skirts of Mexico City, an area right on...

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