What to do in these corona times?  Zoom-shops online!

(Professional Development Trainings are on the lightfulness.com page)


-Clown Laboratorium   • Sundays & Tuesdays   • 9am Pacific Coast Time (GMT-7)            • 1 hour           • Full.  **New sessions soon
-Lightfulness Studio      • Wednesdays                 • 10am  Pacific Coast Time (GMT-7)        • 45 minutes   • Click here for invite (Zen Peacemakers Org.)


ButohClown Laboratorium:  An ongoing workshop for performers growing their clown worlds.

Lightfulness Studio:     Perhaps you are finding it challenging to stay in touch with your ‘joie de vivre,’ your joy of being alive.  If yours is hiding out and/or not as available as you’d like, I’m offering these drop-in  ‘zoom-shops’ to break out of the isolation blues and awaken, enliven your  being.  These sessions are a combination of mindful movement practices and simple humorous expression based in aspects of clown and mime.  Emphasis is placed on connecting and non-verbally activating one’s sense of enjoyment and the feeling of lightness, both in body and spirit.

Relax  thinking mind • De-stress • Activate body, voice & humorous mind • Invite in a bit of fun • Embody non-verbal expression • Open lightness • Walking mediation



What else in these corona times?

I’m exploring the funny in short videos. 

Tune in to YooWhoTube


Wishing for more of the funny? Explore the ‘clown video’ playlist on YooWhoTube,

100+ videos, from old vaudeville to modern clown. Click here.

At a yet to be determined time, Live Performance and Workshops will resume


For performers : The funny, awareness, authenticity, connection, spontaneity…
Clown + Zen: Co-taught w/ Zen Masters: sacred mischief, awareness, resiliency…more


Levity and Lightfulness Pauses: Taking a break from the thinking mind in the online world
Professional Development: Resiliency + stress release + awareness + … website


Mr. YooWho’s Holiday fills the theater with heart-warming laughter, delight, absurdity, amazement, visual poetry…1000+ shows, 35+ years, 40+ countries .. more


Moshe plays a supporting role in Doris Dörrie’s Grüße Aus Fukushima (2016.) The film premiered at the Berlinale where it won several major prizes….more


Moshe Cohen works and creates in the world of the funny. For 35 years now, he has pursued excellence in the elusive art form called Clown, seeking to bring more lightness and laughter into the world through his actions, be it as a teacher, clown or actor.….more


October 25-27 Heiliger Bimbam St Virgil, Salzburg (A)
November 1-3 Heiliger Bimbam Alte Poste Neuss (D)

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