Yangon.Just arrived.Burma 2010

by | Feb 23, 2010 | Clowns Without Borders

I’ve escaped the stuck in transit no seats available 2 day wait at Tokyo aiport, and after a good hike through the interminable hallways of the Bangkok airport, I have finally arriving last night in Yangon. From freezing cold to very hot, from not much to do to a full schedule.

Planning and meetings today with EMDH.  A little bit of an adventure to find the office. And now, in the space of a half hour, my empty day tomorrow has been filled with two shows with the Brave Heart organization in two education centers.

Flight to Mandalay on Thursday with shows and workshops in children’s institutions, places where the children are not free to leave, Training Schools they are called. Then back to Yangon for many shows and workshops. AS I write, there are two other Clowns Without Borders teams on the road in Myanmar. The French and Swedish teams are busy performing in Monastic schools and other institutions for, no doubt,  lots of laughing children.


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