“Taking humor seriously enables people to not take themselves too seriously”

Moshe teaches at the intersection of clown and zen, humor and lightfulness. His teaching methods evolve from his performing experiences, his teachers, and from his collaborations in the Zen world. With 25+ years as a workshop leader, he creates an atmosphere of concentrated lightness, a safe and clear pathway to explore the fun and the funny, reverence and irreverence, the ridiculous , absurd and humorous impulses in life.

Workshops directed towards clowns and performers are listed just below.  Workshops for the general public  are a little further down the page.  For professional development and trainings focusing on lightness and awareness in the workplace, please visit the lightfulness website.

Workshop offerings, Upcoming, Online:


For Performers:

Inner Clown

This workshop is for clowns who wish to explore their inner clown world. Using your personal sense of humor, your sense of fun and funny as a guide, define and map your clown world. Expand this universe through improvisation and ritual. It is an opportunity to define, deepen and expand your clowns’ non-verbal vocabulary-your emotional expression. Inviting humor and lightness into how the clown feels creates resonance and connection with the audience. Work with different levels of expression, from subtle elements of lightness to expansive exuberance.
Improve your clown’s awareness, authenticity, and your capacity to embody clown.
Based in Richard Pochinko’s (Canadian) clowning methods, the workshop pedagogy also integrates a large number of Asian principles and influences – Kyogen, Butoh, Taoist health exercises, Shintaido and Zen.
Requirements: A familiarity with your clown.


Butoh Clown

Butohclown, a practice developed by Moshe, combines aspects of butoh dance with the theatricality and physicality of the clown.  Integrating  butoh’s ‘being part of the space’ and ‘being danced,’  participants are asked to slow their movement way down to create an in-depth internal connection and an external clarity. The workshop uses butohclown to explore and develop material , to decompose moments to discover the fundamental energies driving the clown and how to play (with) them.


Clown Laboratorium

Focusing on creation, this workshop is a guided laboratory where participants create, develop and expand their own performance pieces.






Upcoming workshops:

January:    Inner Clown, ClownSchoolInternational

February:  Butoh Clown, ClownSchoolInternational

El Clown Interior (Spanish), CaliClown

Clown + Zen w/ Cornelius Von Collande, St Virgil

March:        The Levity of Pause w/  Anshi Zach Smith, San Francisco Zen Center

more info on the calendar page

For Non-Perfomers:

When Bernie Glassman, pioneering Zen master came to study clown with Moshe back in 1998, he was looking for tools of tricksterdom, humor-full ways to deal with some of his disciples who took themselves too seriously. Since zen,  Moshe has developed workshops and trainings inviting participants to investigate their sense of funny, both for the fun of it, and for skillful tools of expression, communication and connection.


Sacred Mischief/Heilige Bimbam.

” Sacred means JUST Human” Roshi Wendy Egyoku Nakao
The workshop explores our JUST human, honoring it, nurturing it, and injecting (positive) mischief into our daily lives, as well as our connection with other human beings.
If you imagine that Tool of tricksterdom implies smart words, you might discover that the tool is a well-timed glance, or a subtle gesture, of offering humor to release tensions. We will be working in the nonverbal realm and positive humor, rather than spoken word, and sometimes destructive humor. Through various methods, the workshop will offer opportunities to let go of habitual rational mind, and hand over the conductor’s baton to our creative/intuitive mind.We will explore sacred mischief using physical theater, clown, solo, duo and trio improvisations. We will use elements from butoh dance, qi gong, feldenkreis movement, zazen meditation, outward mindfulness practices, and voice work to develop usable skills and a capacity for spontaneous interaction. Over the course of two days, we will work hard at learning to not take ourselves too seriously.

The Levity of Pause (Clown + Zen)

This workshop is taught as a duo workshop with Moshe and a Zen Master.  Moshe has taught  workshops with Zen teacher over many years with Bernie Glassman, Heinz Juergen Metzger, Michel Engu Dobbs, and Roshi Wendy Egyoku Nakao.  Currently Moshe is teaching at the San Francisco Zen Center with Anshi Zach Smith, and will soon cooperate with Cornelius Von Collande through Bildungshaus St Virgil (Feb-March 2021).

Levity Pause

This is a weekly ongoing online drop-in training (55 minutes) combining a gentle physical and vocal warm-up, sacred mischief games/exercises and a meditative butoh walk in lightness.  Contact Moshe here for an invite.


Humor and Lightness for the Workplace

Moshe teaches workshops and leads trainings for the workplace. Click over to the  lightfulness website.
For:  Team Building, Professional Development, Ice Breakers…. as well as Trainings in Stress Release, Self Care and Resiliency.


“Any practice or activity that supports reflection over reactivity, encourages feeling feelings rather than acting on them, and opens awareness to what is really going on is of benefit. Slow down, notice, and savor is a great way to build mental wealth no matter where or how. It just is. All mindfulness really is good mindfulness.” ~ Forbes Magazine

“Do you have fun? YES! Thank you very much for the wonderful workshop and the huge amount of exploring and remembering!”

“Thank you so much, Moshe, for your quiet style, your seriousness in the humor and your confidence in us. That carried me.”

A journey to the inside. Listening, exploring, expression. The sacred mischief in the eyes as an entrance to the humor and lightfulness. The clown doesn´t need a red nose, he´s inside you!”

“Thank you for showing me the way to my inner clown. Thanks for you awareness.”

“ Beautiful touching and funny moments with others and myself … Those were deep, energetic days with you! Thank you also for your fine, loving kind to be …!”

“To be here and now with the strength of the earth and the wings of a bird. Thanks”

”I’m looking forward to the humor in my eyes. Thank you for bringing him closer to me.”

“Feeling lightfulness, discovering sacred mischief, feeling to be a clown. Thanks!

“What sheer delight it was to study with you…inspiration tickling my daily experience this week…”

One of the best 2 days of my 2017. The other was jumping out of an airplane.”

“I loved the definition of ‘levity’ as a lightness and a letting-in of light. Humor is always a possibility, but not an imperative. So freeing.”

“Transformational Mindfulness”

“It was so liberating…”

“I found the exercises you shared really applicable to our work. We sometimes have an idea that we are ‘present’ but in reality just think that we are. I think any practice that aids us in getting into the right hand brain is vital and frankly delicious! So thanks again! ”

This is a workshop for everyone and anyone who wants to bring joyous mindfulness into their spiritual practice…”

“Thank you for being an exquisite teacher…You point to the heart of things so gently, always making it so light that there is no space for the mind to argue or the ego to get involved.”

“You create a wonderful space where I felt safe to try out, to play and where it was possible to take risks….. I really like the Butohclown-to slow down, to reduce creates an awareness for the small moments that are so full of secrets…”

“Butohclown is so good for the awareness of/for myself, and the others, and the world around you/me! Thank you very much, I’m so happy with this!”

“I have so much joy and gratitude for the depth and variety of your training and your encouraging skill as a teacher! “


“Your work is still working. Very powerful stuff. Thank you!”


“Moshe’s workshops are more than just a ‘clowning’ experience. His emphasis on connecting with the audience and with teammates provides a solid foundation in how to meet someone on a common ground and truly be present in the moment.”


“We had a couple of opportunities to clown today (in business meetings 2 days later) and they were a big hit and release of tension for all.”


“The bottom line for me with Moshe’s work is how it can contribute to a wider range or palette within which to move in life…. I’m finding  access to a new degree of lightness and limberness through physical movement …and awareness as a powerful tool. ”


“Very memorable, very useful, very inspiring.”


“Specially for me, I like the butoh energy for the clown work. There is a good way to connect both and it feels comfortable.”