Treasure Chest in Summer Evening Light

by | Jul 26, 2023 | Clown + Zen, From the Road

Summer Evening Light coming in my window on Harrison street softens as the evening grows.  Every day the light hits different spots on my Southern wall, and I’ve been creating a little series of photos.  Yesterday I took this one, and then as I looked to title the photo, so many stories came out from the collected objects that you see. They are treasures to me, and for the moment, allow me to just share the titles of their stories, as each could easily fill pages:)

-The black and white photos of kids hands waving our Clowns Without Borders bus goodbye as we leave one of the Bhutanese Refugee Camps (1997 SE Nepal)
-Kuku’s photo of BoobySatvah playing with the kids before our show in Yibeljo (2001 Chiapas  MX)-the backside of Bernie Glassman’s memorial program
-A wall of kids laughing during our show at a rural Children’s Training School (Myanmar 2011?)
-3 small Abayomi wound cloth dolls from Rio de Janeiro.  A couple of clowns and a samba dancer.
-A broken (for the moment) performing/teaching hammer
-3 Books: The Hogfarm Book (signed Wavy Gravy) , The Bernie Koans, and Clowns of the Hopis
A traditional Kosovar Albanian White Fez Hat
-Woodblock from my parents house. European…
-A woven cloth from the highlands of Chiapas




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