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by | Jan 11, 2016 | Sacred Clown

Sacred Clown, sometimes called Ritual Clown, is a name given to clown traditions coming from deep community amongst indigenous populations.  Great crazy  wisdom has been handed down over centuries and likely millennia by cultures around the globe.  Stories are told yet 97% is oral tradition, whether it be the Koreduga in African Mali or the Heyoka  in North American Lakota lands.

I know little yet always relish the opportunity to learn more about these cultures.  AS far as I can tell, they have certain things in common, such as  humor, crazy wisdom and contrarianism.  Perhaps more relevant is the role that they play in their community.

In an effort to share some of what I’ve learned, I have gathered links to a series of writings on the internet.  They are wonderful stories. Some are by First Nations writers and others are by reputed archeologists.  Enjoy:)

One More Smile  Emory Sekaqueptewa

A Clown Story  Emory Sekaqueptewa

The Clown’s Way  Barbara Tedlock

Sacred Clowns and Fools  by Peggy V. Beck and Anna L. Walters

Thunderbird and Trickster Steve Mizrach

Path of the Sacred Clown  Peggy Andreas

Laughter Keepers-Exploring the Medicine Clown Tradition of the Wampanoag Mwalin

Gaan Dancers and Apache Clown Traditions LIving Rootless

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