Rosh Hashanah in Warsaw

by | Sep 26, 2022 | Clown, Clowns Without Borders, From the Road

It’s Rosh Hashanah morning and here i find myself in Warsaw, and instead of going to synagogue, I am getting ready to go to a Ukrainian school to do a show.  Of course I made this decision a while back, a few month ago when it was clear that I would be in Europe for Rosh Hashanah, having a workshop in Austria ending the day before.  I can’t claim to be an extremely observant Jew yet, like many, I’m usually making the annual trek to the high holiday services, more to honor the depth of the energetic currents from my ancestors running strongly through my being than out of deep religious conviction.  That’s not to discount the deep spiritual energies that i feel pulsing in my veins… a longer story for perhaps another time.  Perhaps the depth of that conviction leads me in life to look to be of service to humanity, and in my case, that means inviting lightness, laughter and celebration into the spaces that i share.  So I figure that going to a school full of kids displaced from their homeland a great way to celebrate the new year.

I’m deeply thankful to Andrzej Krajewski, Getsugen Roshi,  and his Kanzeon sangha for this week’s activities. Andrzej has been busy planning all this and is taking me everywhere, and i’m grateful for all his hard work and here is my schedule in his  words:

Monday first Ukrainian kids up 150 – 200 of them and in the evening Kwong Roshi’s Cannon Sangha. Tuesday first Ukrainian and Polish kids and in the evening Red Noses training of might be 8-10 of them. Wednesday first Ukrainian (and Polish) Center kids and mothers together with Red Noses and afternoon a corporation workshop for lawyers – their boss used to sit Zen. Thursday another Ukrainian school and in the evening clowning your zen with the members of Getsugen’s sangha. I guess about 20 people.

As Wavy Gravy likes to say:  Towards the Fun (and the Funny)!

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