Papier Maché Noses. Old and New

by | Nov 19, 2023 | Clown

This big fat nose dates from my first official CWB trip with the Clowns Sans Frontières, France to Croatia back in 1995.  I made these on the porch of the house where we were staying in Zagreb.   I used flour and water, and created a shape to papier maché using rolled up wet newspaper.

it is only recently, with the pandemic, that i returned to extensive nose wearing, this time over the mask, and that has led to a new series of papier maché noses.  This time there is time space materials and resources, hence i’m papering over nose shapes made out of ‘sculpey’ (a clay that doesn’t harden) and the technique has refined to using thin slivers of newspaper, using gesso as a paint primer.  Also 3 or 4 layers with  sanding in between.

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