Moco Studios Winter Sessions

 San Francisco (in the mission)


inner clown / outer clown
workshop series.creation studio

jan 21-feb 25
$111 Maximum 8 participants
For Performers

Participants are encouraged to bring material they wish to work on non-verbally for weeks 3-6.

For clowns and performers, offering opportunities to explore, deepen and expand humorous expression, lightness, awareness and connection.  Integrating a fair amount of Eastern influence (Butoh, Taoist Health Exercises, Shintaido, Kyogen) into clown and physical theater, the workshop asks participants to embody clown, to strengthen their connection to inner clown in order to expand their outward capacities.

Moshe’s clown teacher, Richard Pochinko, often said that workshops are simply opportunities to be in the clown zone. Indeed, the workshops main goals are to be actively clowning: being, exploring, enjoying, opening, expanding, deepening, embodying. Improvisational work in solo, duos, trios are essential vehicles in mapping out and developing the individual’s clown worlds. Moments are embodied and expanded using poetic aspects of Butoh dance. Formal stage/audience presentations occur, as well as spontaneous performance moments.




clownzen dojo
improv jam session

Jan 30th, Feb 6th and 20th
For Performers

This is a weekly drop-in clown studio. Dig into clown through improvisations with others. I will offer a warm-up and let the evening take shape according to participants wishes. I will provide improv suggestions as needed, I’m not ‘teaching.’ It’s more about opening up the studio and offering a space for performers to come together and jam. Towards the Fun and the Funny.



clown tools for health care workers, therapists and teachers

January 25
10am-4pm (1 hour for lunch)
$75-111 Maximum 8 Participants

When Bernie Glassman, pioneering Zen master came to study clown with Moshe back in 1998, he was looking for tools of tricksterdom, humorful ways to deal with some of his disciples who took themselves too seriously. This workshop is designed to develop similar skills that can apply to your world.

If you imagine that Tool of tricksterdom implies smart words, you might discover that the tool is a well-timed glance, or a subtle gesture, of offering humor to release tensions. We will be working mostly in the nonverbal realm of ‘positive‘ humor and lightness, how can we inject those into our everyday expression. Through various methods, the workshop will offer opportunities to let go of habitual rational mind, and hand over the conductor’s baton to our creative/intuitive mind.

Using physical theater, clown, improvisations, sprinkling in a few elements from butoh dance, qi gong, feldenkreis movement, external mindfulness practices, and voice work to develop useful tools and a capacity for spontaneous interaction.

The workshop also tends to be fun and somewhat physical as the learning is in the doing:)