Link to article: Heyoka: A Man Taller than his Shadow

by | Apr 5, 2011 | Clown

A very powerful look at the role of Heyoka (sacred clown) in community in the Native American Times.

©2011 By Wambli Sina Win, J.D.

From the south, up above, a threatening mass of dark thunderclouds moved swiftly towards the direction of a Lakota camp.  A storm coming from the South was much feared by the people for the devastation it could bring.   Noting the signs, the people fearfully gathered around their Protector, the old Holy Man.  As a Thunder Dreamer, this sacred clown or Heyoka was much more than just an ordinary man.  He was the Defender of his Red People as well as their sanctuary and stronghold from the storms of life.

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