Finding Lightfulness, a post from Sally Fox

by | Dec 23, 2017 | Lightfulness

Sally Fox, one of the participants in the recent Seattle Lightfulness workshop (12.17.17) just published a blog post that describes her experiences and points of view.  Here is an excerpt and a link to the whole post.

“The group of us attending his workshop at Seattle’s Nalanda West Center were mostly meditators. Moshe is often referred to as a “zen clown.” (Thanks to my clown-buddy Lynne Marvet for bringing Moshe to town!) We hadn’t been devastated by war, but we were feeling pretty heavy about the world. We needed Moshe to show us how we could discover traces of humor and lightness in the load of concerns we were bearing. We discovered that levity isn’t just about feeling “up;” it can accompany any mood.

Lightfulness is an opening to a subtle lightheartedness. Rather than playing for guffaws, it invites an inner smile, a sense of whimsey, a touch of humor that can be found even within otherwise difficult emotions, like fear, anger and extreme frustration….”

Finding Lightfulness

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