Discussing Mindfulness with Wavy Gravy

by | Feb 14, 2014 | Clown + Zen

Yesterday I dropped by my clown guru Wavy Gravy’s house for a visit. Our conversation at one point opened up the topic of mindfulness and it’s current top position in the moving and grooving place to be Now category…I was musing about how contrary the word mindful can seem. After all it’s about having less going on in the mind, yet the word sure hints at  mind full . As you may know clowning and contrarianism go hand in hand, and it sure seems that the word mindful is contrary to it’s intended purpose. So two clowns go at it, I mention my favorites: mind-less-full, and mind-less-fool. Wavy, as he often does with his tongue twister mastery comes up with a true gem:

Mind full of Empty.

Wavy and the traditional last morning pillow fight at Camp Winnarainbow as Jimi Hendrix’s Star Spangled Banner is blasted. Photo by Moshe Cohen.

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