CWB.Burma.2010. Mandalay 1st day.

by | Mar 1, 2010 | Clowns Without Borders

February 26, 2010

After a 4 hour flight delay, finally find myself in Mandalay, ancient capital, and spread out town, peaceful and relaxed compared to the busy Yangon. Two shows and a workshop today. The Girl’s Vocational School in the morning, an institution for children. Some 70 girls live here, and they were quite happy to have a show. Lot’s of laughter and funny moments as Mr. YooWho negotiated the contents of his jacket pockets and suitcase. Playing in a large open hangar kind of building that had several large pigeons cooing from the rafters, and provided for a special dialogue, as Mr. YooWho kept glancing upwards wondering if the pigeons would be dropping anything down.

A singing moment with the girls accompanied by ukulele was rather reserved from YooWho’s point of view but despite their shyness, it was a welcome change for the girls. Afterwards I offered a workshop to the headmistress, her assistant, the teachers and caregivers and three girls from the school. Quite fun working with simple mime and clown exercises, very shy at first, not very comfortable with the idea of expressing their humor-one would think that asking them to rub their hands together in a funny way wouldnt be so challenging, however it took a few minutes to get them into playing the game, and to express in a humorful way. Later on they were far more engaged as I lead them through series of exercises, accompanied by lots of laughter and play. I hope that they will share with the girls.

An afternoon show at the Buddhist Orphans Home for some 100 boys who had a great time as did Mr. YooWho in a large hall with the fans going. Trying to blow a bubble inside a bubble while standing on my suitcase was a new challenge which proved near impossible as the fans would blow the bubbles quickly away. Magically however, several large bubbles traveled a pathway towards the floor then back up towards me popping just as they were almost within reach. The boys really weren’t sure if I was controlling the bubble or not. I enjoyed the magic. Two shows and workshops the next two days, in more institutions, and then back to Yangon to do much more of the same there….

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