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by | Nov 29, 2007 | Clown

Continuing my investigation about Clown, I had a telephone conversation with Tortell Poltrona, well known Catalan Clown who is also the founder of Payasos Sin Fronteras (Clowns Without Borders). He and his wife Montse run the Circ Cric, in which they are both performing…for more about circ cric, clické to this earlier entry…


(the conversation took place in Spanish, below the English)

Moshe: What is Clown?

Tortell: A provoker of sensations and feelings.

A poet of the art of scenic (stage) poetry.

The Clown is the one who seek to play moments of immortality. It is like a child who doesn’t know what is death. He (she) plays in the complete innocence of life.

The Clown is like a child who is not ashamed to express his feelings. When you become adult, you begin to lie (about feelings) and your natural clown dies.

Clown vs. Comic

The Clown uses a vocabulary of pure feelings.
The comic/comedian works with the reality of sex, religion, politics….


Moshe: Que es Clown

Tortell: Un provacador de sensations y sentimientas

Un poeta del arte de la poesia escenica

El Payasos el Lo que busca momentos de imortalidad…es como un nino que no conoces (que es) la muerte

El payaso es como un nino que no tiene verguenza de expressar su sentiminientos..
Cuando es adulto empienco a hacer mentiras y muere su payaso natural…

Clown o Comico
El Clown utiliso el Vocabulario es de sentimientos puros, feelings…

El Comico o Humorista travaja con la realidad del sexo, la religion, el politico….


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