Words about Clown. Josep and Zaza of the Excentricos

by | Nov 21, 2007 | Clown

This is the first of many interviews to be posted here about clown.

Here is a very short conversation (from November 5th. 2007) with Zaza and Josep about Clowning. Zaza is French and Josep is Catalan, hence in Josep’s case, the fractured english. hort interview with Josep and Zaza of the Excentricos. Marceline’s ( the third member of the Excentricos) interview to be posted very soon.

Moshe: Alors Zaza, clown en 5 mots ou plus.

Zaza: En 5 mots ou plus?

Moshe: Oui

Zaza: Clown, il y a cinq letters, une (en comptant les doigts), deux trois quatre et cinq.

Moshe: Ah….. Josep, clown en cinq mots ou plus?

Josep: C’est bien d’etre clown. C’est tres bien. C’est une chance.


Moshe: So Zaza, clown in 5 words or more?

Zaza: In 5 words or more?

Moshe: yes

Zaza: Clown, there are 5 letters: one (counting the fingers of this hand), two, three, four, five.

Moshe: Ah….. Josep, clown in 5 words or more?

Josep: It’s good to be clown. It’s really good. It’s an opportunity.

Second short interview with Josep of the Excentricos:

Moshe: About clown, You said be outrageous?

Josep : yeah that helps, for the comedy.

Moshe: Because that is what people want?

Josep: Because people want to see a person put in an awful situation, and a get a life out of it, and survive it. That is what they like about us, about clowning, the invulnerability of it. Never dies, never feels, well he feels, but he doesn’t care. That encourages a lot out of the people.

Moshe: You said something about in the worst situation possible.

Josep: Being the lowest person in the house. That is the duty of the clown is to be the lowest, therefore he will overcome any obstacle. Be an example for a person having financial troubles, who comes to the theater to have fun.

I think that is worth it. That is what matters. It is a shamanic approach to the thing.

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