Clowns wake up Elder. Japan!

by | Nov 3, 2009 | Clown


I just received an email from Hiromi in Japan, a friend and clowning student. For the past few years she has been doing volunteer Clown Doctor work, visiting Elders in several nursing home facilities in Tokyo on a regular basis. She and her clown partner Asako have created the duo Ulala.

The story in her email is quite amazing:

last Sunday Ulala and Yoshinori did clowning at nursing home again and did miracle!  an elder, she can’t eat and talk after brain disease. she lives a monotones life everyday…wake up and sleep…but she gazed us like seeing aliens when we went to her room. and she seemed to smile when we chatted about a fart and finally she laughed with big mouth when we said “ boo boo boo!” and then more miracle, she voluntarily was talking to us. I never listened her voluntary voice for five month.

HOw Wonderful!!!

HIromi clowning at NUrsing home in Tokyo

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