Clown Poète Extraordinaire: Claire. at Festiclown in Vigo, Spain

by | Jul 30, 2011 | Clown

The big ocean going port of Vigo, in Galicia,  is hosting Festiclown festival this week, and I was lucky enough to catch the performance of Clown Poète ExtraOrdinaire, Claire, a fine dancer with a keen sense of graceful humor.

Her complicity with volunteers is extraordinary such as this sequence where she brings up a young member of the public….

she asks him to put her coat on top of the pole, which he keeps trying to throw up but fails to catch…a beautiful moment follows when she decides to help him. Afterwards he is quite eager to follow her  onto her apparatus which had already been in play earlier in a dance of climbs and clownesque slips of hands and feet recuperated in smooth swing-arounds…

they share a moment as Claire brings out the bubble

And as he blows, she dances, and then sits…and dances and sits, and the boy keeps gleefully blowing, their play a delight to all present…

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