Cameraman (+ Dog) @ Rhythmix Cultural Works

by | Jul 4, 2021 | Photos

A most generous dose of visual delight awaits at the Rhythmix Cultural Center over on the island of Alameda in the east bay (CA).  Beyond the great photos by 4 artists (see their website for more) Artists Ed Holmes and Marc Ribaud have created a most stunning sculpture aptly named Cameraman using Ed’s 40 year strong collection of cameras. There is also a 20 minute  accompanying score by Joe Paulino that unfortunately I didn’t hear. A most sweet companion is the dog created by artist Maria Chenut, made entirely of camera cases, straps and if one look closely inside the dog’s head, the brains is a mass of exposed film strips.  If you happen to be nearby today (July 4th) the sculptures will be outside, after which they get moved inside the gallery alongside the wonderful photo exhibit.

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