Sacred Mischief, Equanimity and the Worldy Winds

In today’s topsy turvy world, it’s not so easily to maintain a sense of equilibrium.  Yet we have a secret weapon inside of us, our sense of humor, our funny!  As life forces pull us in many directions at once, discover and develop tools of resilience and equanimity.  We will develop methods to tame the 8 Worldly winds ––praise, blame, success, failure, pleasure, pain, gain, loss.  If these winds are blowing you out of balance and sometimes controlling your life’s directions, this workshop will provide tools to re-gain control when the winds start blowing.

Awaken your playfulness in a mature way, develop the power to transform the energies that create disturbance and disconnect.  Although you might imagine that exploring your sense of funny is a frivolous pursuit, when you really connect, you are sourcing the energies that come from your deepest sense of self.

If you imagine that Tools of Tricksterdom implies smart witty language, you will discover that a more useful tool is a well-timed glance, or a subtle gesture. We will be working in the nonverbal realm of positive humor, rather than with spoken words and their sometimes destructive/making-fun-of humor. The workshop’s explorations and practices draw from physical theater practices, clown improvisations, elements from butoh dance, qi gong and feldenkreis movement.