InnerButohClown x 5 Online

Inner Clown/Outer Clown

We will meet for 5 Thursdays, mornings 10am-noon in California and evenings 19-21:00 in Europe.
experience level:   familiarity with your  clown world
class size limit: 12
course language:  English. Potential assistance for people with limited English (French, German and Spanish) if agreed to in advance.

Organized by YooWho Creations

Registration:  To register send me an email by clicking here, i will then send you a registration form>.

Cost:  €122/$133  Early bird special: €101/$112 (before Jan 14th)

The six sessions will interweave an inner clown development practice based on individual creation/improvisations.  create a short turn based on improvisation, then go through a process of deconstructing/reconstructing the turn to take a  deeper look/develop/better connect to your clown’s inner  workings.  We will use fundamentals from Richard Pochinko’s clown world methods, as well as the ButohClown process.  There will be weekly homework assignments inviting personal exploration time, and class time for short screen shares of brief moments pieces. Towards the Fun and the Funny!!!

Inner Clown
Using your personal sense of humor, your sense of fun, funny and all your senses as a guide, define and map your clown world. Expand this universe through improvisations, short set pieces, solos and duos. A series of opportunities to define, deepen and expand your clowns’ non-verbal vocabulary and emotional expression. Inviting humor and lightness into how the clown feels, developing capacity to create resonance and connection with the audience. Work with different levels of expression, from subtle elements of lightness to expansive exuberance.
Based in Richard Pochinko’s (Canadian) clowning method, and physical theater pedagogy, the workshop also integrates a large number of Asian principles and influences – Kyogen, Butoh, Taoist health exercises, Shintaido and Zen.

Butohclown combines aspects of butoh dance with the theatricality and physicality of the clown. Participants invite their clowns to integrate butoh’s ‘being part of the space’ and ‘being danced,’ which in turn demands that the clown slows down their movement; slows way way down to a place of ‘being’ rather than doing.  This creates an in-depth internal connection that strengthens the clown’s external clarity and physical expression. This gives the clown tools to explore and develop material, to decompose moments which reveals the fundamental energies driving the clown, and offering pathways to play (with) them.

more about Inner Clown and Butoh Clown in the Clown Training section of this website