Inner/Butoh Clown. Fall Training

Inner Clown.October 25-November 17th
Butoh Clown.November 22-December 15, 2021
Monday & Wednesdays (classes twice a week)
10:30am-12:30pm Pacific Coast Time, 19:30-21:30 European time.
Maximum participants 12.
Taught in English, and German as needed.
Sessions are taught on Zoom.  Sessions recorded-available to participants only, deleted 2 weeks after session.
Cost: $200 each section. Early Bird registration until October 1st, $350 for both (US$)
Registration: send a message

Develop, Expand, Deepen your  clown world! Offered online numerous times last year with enthusiastic participation, this series is for performers who already have a sense of their clown, and wish to grow their mastery.

Using your personal sense of humor, your sense of fun and funny as a guide, define and map your clown world. Expand this universe through improvisation and ritual. It is an opportunity to define, deepen and expand your clowns’ non-verbal vocabulary-your emotional expression. Inviting humor and lightness into how the clown feels creates resonance and connection with the audience. Work with different levels of expression, from subtle elements of lightness to expansive exuberance. Embody your clown to further open ease, awareness, authenticity and inner connection.  The workshop will draw from a number of traditional Japanese theater techniques to structure action, rhythm and timing.

As the weeks go by, the workshop shifts focus to  using butoh clown techniques to deepen your connection with clown and audience. From Butoh dance, we’ll use the principal of being part of the physical and ethereal space, slowing everything way down, to deepen your connection to inner impulses of funn, to develop your capacities to BE clown (as opposed to playing at clown) break down and expand moments and actions, to work with the humor in changes of expression and the clown’s and the audience’s expectations.

Upon request and with agreement, possible limited language support for German.