Butoh Clown
Deepening Connection, Centering and Re-energizing Clown

March 9-10
Church of Clown, San Francisco
11am-4pm with lunch break
for more info : churchofclown.org
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An opportunity to deepen/reconnect /refresh/expand your clown world. When we bring our clown to the stage, our momentum amplifying our delight can take us beyond connection to the generating motor inside.  Using tools from the world of butoh dance, this workshop offers opportunities to slow your clown way down, (re)connect with your inner clown and expand your clown’s expressive universe.

Paralleling Richard Pochinko’s methods, the workshop brings participants in touch with the inner energies driving their outwards expressions.  Participants will invite their clowns to integrate butoh’s ‘being part of the space’ and ‘being danced’ to help create in-depth internal connection that strengthens the clown’s external clarity and physical expression. Slowing down also gives the clown tools to explore and develop material by decomposing actions to reveal the series of moments and fundamental energies driving them, and offering pathways to embody these energies and play (with) them.  Butohclown is also a great pathway to let go of verbal expression and expand your non-verbal universe.