Mr. YooWho

Moshe Cohen, aka Mr. YooWho has a strong interest in “Sacred Mischief”, the role clown plays in community as a catalyst for levity. In this context, the word ‘sacred’ is not a reference to high and holy, it refers to  being ‘Just’ human.

Moshe Cohen (California) performs and teaches internationally. the New York Times says “His Indian name would be Dances With Penguins.” His performance itinerary is quite diverse, including last year the Anjos Do Picadeiro festival in Rio de Janeiro, the 40th anniversary of the Zen Center in Los Angeles, and, with Clowns Without Borders, IDP (internally displaced persons ) camps in and around Khartoum in Sudan.
In parallel with his performing, Moshe teaches workshops about ‘humoring one’s human’ in circus, clown and theater schools worldwide, as well Universities, Elementary Schools and Zen and spiritual retreat centers. He actively bolsters the work of Clowns Without Borders, both as founder/director of the US branch and as international ambassador.

Most of the posts on this blog have been reorganized at For more about Moshe’s performing and teaching, visit He  posts  videos on yoowhotube.