Hi, there. this is Moshe Cohen in San Francisco writing to you from his desktop on his desk.  The term sacred mischief popped into view at the Zen Center of Los Angeles when I was teaching the first winter of the Ismaccthe Institute of Sacred Mischief and Contemporary Clown (at ZCLA). Perhaps you have heard of Sacred Clowns, or perhaps not, perhaps you have only heard of scary clowns. Well if you haven’t there is a lot of information over yonder on clownzen.com, in the clown wise section….below is a brief bio. thanks for reading !

Moshe Cohen is an internationally acclaimed performer and teacher. He plays in theaters, international theater festivals, circus and varieté stages all over the world; to audiences in small intimate spaces and to audiences numbering in the thousands. Moshe teaches modern clown in Theater and Circus Schools, Universities, and in Zen and Spiritual Education centers. As the founder of Clowns Without Borders-USA, he is involved in bringing performances and workshops to refugee camps and conflict zones worldwide. His latest projects have taken him to Sudan, Haiti, and Burma/Myanmar.

Since 1981, Moshe Cohen has worked to develop a unique style of clowning that incorporates physical and visual theater, clown, mime, butoh dance and circus arts. He works without nose, makeup or spoken language inviting the audience to share an intimate and humorous world that is engaging, deeply human and enlightening. He is well known worldwide for his ability to create laughter and touch audiences of all ages and cultures.