Words about Clown. Leris Colombiani

by | Apr 16, 2008 | Clown

Nani and Leris Colombiani at Anjos Do Picadeiro Festival, 2002. Photo Celso Pereira

Extract from an interview with Leris at the Anjos do Picadeiro festival in Rio de Janeiro in 2007.

Leris: Clown seeing everything like a child, is a parody of life.

Moshe:  What do you think about Tortell’s words, that Clown is a provoker of sentiments, his  language is that of feelings?

Leris: Eco , Si.  To offer human feelings, human generosity….Clown it is not only the show, the performance.  The clown has to give to the audience, I don’t know why.  If the performer doesn’t give something from inside, Ok the show is swell, but after a few days, nobody remembers; if there is no soul, no heart.

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