Words about Clown. Ricardo Puccetti, Lume Teatro.Brazil

by | Dec 24, 2010 | Clown

ShortInterview about Clown with Ricardo Puccetti (Lume Teatro/Brazil)

Moshe: What is clown

Ricardo at Anjos Do Picadeiro festival parade in 1998

Ricardo: I think it is very difficult to put into words but for me: I feel that I am clowning when all my potential to play, to have fun, in Portuguese brincar, when I can accept this and I can be a whole. I don’t think, I feel, it’s everything together. There is no one thing, it is all together.

It comes from somewhere very deep and I feel that a clown, there is no form, like a group of impulses, going every direction: from his head, from his heart, from his body. When the clown goes in this place, and he has the capacity, because for me the clown does not exist alone, he needs people to access this. Then when he can do that, and bring the people with him to his universe, into his world, then the clown, the clowning happens.

So it is not so much about the performance, or a structure, of course culturally we have this, but that is not the most important, or a technique or a style. It’s more a being that can provoke for others, this wonderful empowering thing that is the laughter. When that happens, it is not theater, it cures, it transforms, it is a kind of shaman.

But to do that you need to work a lot, in (as) many ways as you can, to drink from many fountains, from many sources, and find your own way to do that. And to see other clowns too, because you see the infinite possible ways to have play, and then your own way becomes much richer, and interesting.

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