Moshe teaches at the intersection of Clown and Zen where humor and mindfulness meet. He offers performers and the general public opportunities to explore, deepen and expand their humorous expression. Much of his teaching for the general public can now be found at

His teaching methods evolve from his performing experience, from his teachers, and from his collaborations teaching with Zen masters. Moshe’s 30+ years as a workshop leader bring an atmosphere of concentrated fun, a safe and clear pathway to explore the absurdities and humorous impulses that live inside us.

Personal and Professional

Positive humor is a great facilitator in creating connection, in enhancing relationships and communication, both in professional and personal (every day) situations. Authenticity, mindfulness, lightness, fun and funny are integrated with intuitive expressive explorations, alone and in improvisations with others. Along with fun and laughter, the workshops develop capacities in active presence, in-the-moment listening, interaction, connection and capacities in sharing lightness and positive humor.

Actors and Performers

Moshe’s clown teacher, Richard Pochinko, often said that workshops are simply opportunities to be in the clown zone. Indeed, the workshops main goals are to be actively clowning: being, exploring, enjoying, opening, expanding, deepening, embodying. Improvisational work in solo, duos, trios are essential vehicles in mapping out and developing the individual’s clown worlds. Moments are embodied and expanded using poetic aspects of Butoh dance. Formal stage/audience presentations occur, as well as spontaneous performance moments.


Workshop offerings:

Moshe teaches a variety of workshops. Please check the  schedule to see current offerings

  • Lightfulness: Public workshops open to all.
  • Clown + Zen: Open workshops alternating humor and meditation sessions. Co-taught with Zen masters
  • Deep/Butoh Clown: For performers
  • Hospital Clown Trainings: For Medical/Clinic/Doctor Clown Groups
  • OD Workshops: Order of Disorder workshops co-taught with Zen masters in Zen settings .