workshop testimonials


Workshop Testimonials


“What sheer delight it was to study with you…I have had the sweetest lingering clown inspiration tickling my daily experience this week…”

“It’s amazing how much humor I can share with just a look”

“I loved the definition of ‘levity’  as a lightness and a letting-in of light. Humor is always a possibility, but not an imperative. So freeing.”

“Moshe inspires freedom, exploration and laughter.”

“It was so liberating…”

” I feel so much better being alive and joyous….much more open and available with my family and at work.”

This is a workshop for everyone and anyone who wants to bring joyous mindfulness into their spiritual  practice…”

“Thank you for being an exquisite teacher…You point to the heart of things so gently, always making it so light that there is no space for the mind to argue or the ego to get involved.”

“You create a wonderful space where I felt safe to try out, to play and where it was possible to take risks….. I really like the Butohclown-to slow down, to reduce creates an awareness for the small moments that are so full of secrets…”

“Butohclown is so good for the awareness of/for myself, and the others, and the world around you/me! Thank you very much, I’m so happy with this! ”

“Specially for me, I like the butoh energy for the clown work. There is a good way to connect both and it feels comfortable.”


“I have so much joy and gratitude for the depth and variety of your training and your encouraging skill as a teacher! “

“Your work is still working. Very powerful stuff. Thank you!”

“Moshe’s workshops are more than just a ‘clowning’ experience. His emphasis on connecting with the audience and with teammates provides a solid foundation in how to meet someone on a common ground and truly be present in the moment.”

“We had a couple of opportunities to clown today (in business meetings 2 days later) and they were a big hit and release of tension for all.”

“The bottom line for me with Moshe’s work is how it can contribute to a wider range or palette within which to move in life, whether at a fire or at an airport or with family or whatever.  I find the access to a new degree of lightness and limberness through physical movement and awareness a powerful tool. “

“Any practice or activity that supports reflection over reactivity, encourages feeling feelings rather than acting on them, and opens awareness to what is really going on is of benefit. Slow down, notice, and savor is a great way to build mental wealth no matter where or how. It just is. All mindfulness really is good mindfulness.”  ~ Forbes Magazine

“Very memorable, very useful, very inspiring.”