“… a man who creates laughter using the finest sense of humor…”
~El Mercantil Valenciano SPAIN


Mr. YooWho’s Holiday fills the theater with heart-warming laughter, delightful moments of absurdity, feats of amazement, visual poetry and spontaneous audience interaction. A mix of old American Vaudeville and European Clown Theater with a Yiddish twist, tastes of Circus, Japanese Kyogen and Butoh dance sprinkled throughout. The narrative is quite familiar,  a man and a suitcase meets an audience, yet Moshe Cohen’s 65 minute show is far beyond the ordinary. His Mr YooWho invites the audience into a world of giant sunflowers that offer confetti blessings and wind-up penguins that high dive into buckets of water.  Exuberant poetry, without words no less.  Perfect for small and big people of all cultures and languages.

Mister YooWho also performs shorter shows in festivals, circuses, varietés, private events and more informal settings. Over the past 35 years, he has injected humor, lightness and laughter into just about every performance situation imaginable. Please contact him for bookings.