· For performers: Playing in the funny, awareness, authenticity, connection…
· For the Workplace: Developing lightness, awareness, resiliency…more


Trainings for the workplace: Developing lightness + awareness in communication + collaboration. Strategies for resiliency, stress release + burn-out prevention… new website


Mr. YooWho’s Holiday fills the theater with heart-warming laughter, delightful moments of absurdity, feats of amazement, visual poetry and spontaneous audience … more


Moshe plays a supporting role in Doris Dörrie’s Grüße Aus Fukushima (Fukushima Mon Amour) 2016. The film premiered at the Berlinale where it won several major prizes….more


Moshe Cohen works and creates in the world of the funny. For 35 years now, he has pursued excellence in the elusive art form called Clown, seeking to bring more lightness and laughter into the world through his actions, be it as a teacher, clown or actor.….more


May 10-12  Heilig Unfug   St Virgil, Salzburg (A)
May 14-16  Sacred Mischief  Zen Peacemakers Finland  Helsinki (FI)
May 17-19  Heilig Unfug  Zen Peacemakers  Bern (CH)

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